45 Rose Street
san francisco, California 94102

Do you build or manage online communities? Design collaborative sites or social software? Want to check in casually with other online community professionals and friends?

Originally inspired by the old Online Community Report and Online Community Summit / Online Community Camp. Come have a glass of wine and talk about sociological, technical, legal, emotional, non-profit and for-profit dimensions of online communities.

These SF gatherings were recently reconvened by Susan Tenby of TechSoup. She's been networking nonprofit community leaders in Second Life! This is by no means just for non-profit, small, or avatar site people, diverse perspectives offered and welcomed. RSVP either here or at Susan's announcement on the meetup site:

Official Website: http://ocr.meetup.com/135/

Added by fotogail on October 12, 2006



5 RSVPs on the meetup site, so it's a go. Come on down.


I will be there! Come find us in the back of the room.