235 2nd Street
San Francisco, California 94105

Due to the tragic news of the passing of CNET's James Kim, we've rescheduled this Meetup originally set for December 6, 2006 to Wednesday, December 13, 2006.

On tap ...

RAPLEAF - http://www.rapleaf.co....
Online, your reputation is everything. Especially if you're buying or selling stuff. Rapleaf is a portable reputation rating platform for e-commerce that allows and encourages buyers and sellers to rate each other. Newsflash: eBay reputation points aren't the end-all-be-all when it comes to learning who to trust or not trust when transacting online.

VIZU - http://www.vizuanswer....
Vizu will announce its new product, Vizu Answers. Vizu Answers claims to be the "Internet's first research network" by allowing people seeking market research to get answers, more quickly, cost effectively, and easier than ever before.

RAZZ - http://www.razz.com....
A super-cool app that not only makes it lickety-split easy to make wild sound effects and soundbites for your mobile phone, but even better -- let's you take your newly made audio clips and interject them directly into your mobile conversations. Yeah Baby!

NEIGHBOROO - http://www.neighboroo....
Taking geo-centric data and map mashups to the next level, Neighboroo is a great app that pins down local politics, housing costs, crime, commute times and more for cities and small towns across the USA. Thinking of moving out of town? Neighboroo is your new friend.

As always, each company will get 5 minutes to wow you. And you will get 10 minutes to ask (or tell!) them anything you want.

Also as always, we'll have the 60 Second Soap Box for anyone and everyone who wants to take the mic and make an announcement, seek funding, look for a job or a new hire, you name it -- you've got 60 seconds. GO!

Tasty beverages once again sponsored by the emerging tech law firm of Jacobs & Ferraro

Yummy pizza thanks to the Forbin Group

Fine wine courtesy of FutureWorks PR

Official Website: http://newtech.meetup.com/15/calendar/5311818/

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