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With live demos from . . .

Jon Rahoi, CEO
Bodukai will demo Boutique, their modular, 100% Ajax ecommerce front end and associated technologies.

Dan Olsen, CEO & Founder
YourVersion is a real-time discovery engine that continuously discovers new, relevant content tailored to your interests and makes it easy to bookmark and share that content. YourVersion launched their website, free iPhone app, and Firefox toolbar at TechCrunch50, where they won the People's Choice Award.
Saumil Mehta & Tracy Lou, Kosmix Product Leads
MeeHive is a personal news service from Kosmix that scours millions of media sources across the Web to find stories about your interests. You can share articles with others, see what friends read, and use your iPhone to get MeeHive on-the-go.

Donna Horne, CEO & Co-Founder
ZoomPool is an Internet rideshare matching service for people wanting to save money, parking headaches and carbon emissions when going to one-time events or on occasional trips, and also for event organizers looking to "green" their event as well as increase attendance by offering a well coordinated carpool program.

Laura Nuhaan, CEO & Co-Founder
Inger Rarick, CMO & Co-Founder
FamiliLink empowers families to include their aging loved ones in their digital lives and provide care.
Tom Seffell, Co-Founder
Plurchase makes it easy and fun to shop with friends on existing e-commerce sites.

Official Website: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/438001073/mcivte

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