1727 Haight Street
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94117

from http://www.redvicmoviehouse.com/ :

Playing 12/08/05 - 12/12/05
SF Theatrical Premiere
Piece By Piece
Dir. Nic Hill US 2005
Piece by Piece is a groundbreaking film that documents San Francisco's highly controversial graffiti art movement. The story offers an intimate journey into the most intriguing and misunderstood artistic movement of modern youth culture by detailing the last 20 years of San Francisco graffiti art. The film explores the history of graffiti in other parts of the country and elaborates on how San Francisco became an international magnet for innovative graffiti styles yet to be seen in other parts of the world. It also examines the wide range of public opinion towards this admittedly illegal art form by giving a voice to the citizens of San Francisco and law enforcement officers. The film captures the artists' heartfelt confessions of their love and addiction to graffiti art and typographic lettering, as well as their social activism and the short life span of their work. (78m)

Nightly: 7:15, 9:15
Sat & Sun: 2:00, 4:00

Added by suman_ganguli on November 1, 2005



awesome. thanks for posting, suman!


sure, glad to share the info. looking forward to seeing this. googled up the website: http://www.piecebypiecemovie.com


It's a good documentary -- it'll be my 4th time seeing it. :)


nice! so that means it's def worth seeing, yeah?


I think so. But then, I have what some may call a rather unhealthy obsession with street art...


Julia and I won't make the opening as we have a last minute company dinner.


D'oh! I'll be there tonight with CC.