2516 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94110

Monthly meeting of San Francisco - and SF Bay Area - Flickr users. Meet other Flickr fans, socialize, show off your new or retro camera gear, and endulge.

Like last December, we will be on the roof at Medjool. Again, we'll do a holiday print swap! To take part, choose one of your best prints. (Any size you prefer, print yourself or send it out) Please sign it on the front or the back as you please, then pop it into an envelope and bring it along for a random exchange.

Thanks to Deborah Lattimore for upholding the tradition and getting us back to this magical spot.

P.S. If you take BART: this is a short walk from 24th St Station.

Official Website: http://www.sflickr.org/

Added by fotogail on November 28, 2006



Any South Bay folks interested in carpooling?


Quick, fling, find a car pal and get your bad self up here! Oh wait - I'm preaching to the choir . . . let me try that again.

Quick, South Bayers, hook up with fling and get your bad selves up here!


Yes, excellent advice. Like she says, hook up with fling! ;)

(I guess this is why I'm bad?)


I'm on my way to Paris for the holidays. Too bad I can't make it. Have fun everyone!


How late is this going to go? I have a dinner date that i have to make first.


i'll arrive late too.. so let's attempt to create a be-there-til-11 faction.

i have a family obligation that'll run later than i had expected... but no way would i not stop by.


I'll be attending, but I'll probably arrive at 9:00pm.

Can I bring a friend?


I might also be a little late - depending on traffic and being able to navigate the city and all. I do have a print to bring though - so I hope that's not done first thing.


wear warm clothes!

Bradley Allen

I love the roof when it rains. ;-)


does anyone know the valet parking fee for the place?


what is the syllabus like during the event? i'm coming at like 9 =( i don't want to intrude on any important presentations etc. with my late arrival.

oh and how fancy is this? i'm not entirely sure what attire would be needed. (such as I don't want to be too dressed up)


Sounds like my kinda event! I'll show up as soon as possible (probably 9pm).