1436 Howard Street
San Francisco, California

Working with Drupal in ways you have not thought about before. Innovation is what drives the Drupal community.

This month we are proud to have a new super innovative web site be featured in our showcase series.

http://www.jobnob.com is a site which looks at Jobs and Salaries from around the country. This site rocks, has a beautiful layout and uses drupal in very innovative ways. I am looking forward to learning more about how they built this web site.

On the Tech front we are going to look at how Microsoft and Drupal play together. Many of you may have heard that IIS now bundles Acquia Drupal so you can one click install Drupal onto an IIS server. We have a team coming from Microsoft to show off the install of Drupal on IIS and two innovative way to use Drupal and IIS products. Sliverlight is Microsofts video component which plays well with Drupal and Microsofts Geo spacial technologies play well with Drupal, both technologies will be demonstrated.

This demo will open a whole new world to the Drupal developer community.

This will be a fascinating and informative user group meeting, so please come on down and join us! This event is free.

Official Website: http://www.parisoma.com

Added by parisoma on May 21, 2009