375 11th Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Fudgie Frottage
The Indra

Special guest:
Electro, The Pop n' Lock King

Fakin' Aiken
The Mighty Slim Pickins
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

Sister Roma
Simone de la Ghetto
Buck Naked

Jay Walker
Delicio del Toro
Juanita More
Shack "The Shack" Shackwell
Momma's Boyz

Contestants wanted!
The biggest and longest running Drag King Competition in the World and, according to the San Francisco Weekly, "A Parade of Gender-Bending Eye Candy"! The internationally acclaimed outlandish celebration of Sex, Drag and Rock and Roll will bring out the animal in every attendee and participant as part of the proceeds will benefit for P.A.W.S. (Pets Are Wonderful Support).

"The San Francisco Drag King Contest is a mash-up of the Miss America Pageant, American Idol, Halloween and a Monster Truck Show," states impresario Fudgie Frottage. "We have every kind of drag from suits to fruits; studs to puds -- Everything from Elvis impersonators to Leather Daddies, Wrestlers, Contortionists, Hillbillies, Clowns, Jocks, and their female counterparts. It's a mind-boggling, dress-to-impress occasion, where part of the fun is just trying tell the performers and audience members apart."

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