801 Minnesota #8
San Francisco, California

Chris Messina wrote:

On Friday before Tara and I headed off to WineCamp, we stopped off at
Schlomo Rabinowitz's apartment in dogpatch at 801 Minnesota. Our brief
conversation lead to a decision: that for the money, there's no better
option for the San Francisco coworking space than his. And so as of
June 1, we will be assuming a $1000/mo tenantship at Teh Schlomo.


Schlomo is good friends with many of us, including Ryanne and Jay, who
already frequent his digs. He's also very supportive of our mission
and accommodating to our varied needs.

We shall convene a meeting this Thursday night, at 8pm, at Teh
Schlomo, to discuss the space, how it should be used, the rules of the
road and how we're going to run things.

This decision may seem sudden or somewhat out of the blue given the
discussions about AIC, but we felt that it was important to make a
decision as the space was being pursued by someone else. And it also
gives us the opportunity to work together, try out this idea and have
a staging ground for whatever comes next in the meantime.

Personally, I'm extremely excited about this and would love to answer
any questions or concerns as a group this coming Thursday.


Official Website: http://groups.google.com/group/coworking/browse_frm/thread/01805a08749ab1f6/842306932546a90c#842306932546a90c

Added by raines on May 30, 2006