425 Second St., #300
San Francisco, California 94107

Sheesh, FINALLY something that's actually *in* San Francisco. For an SF trip, I'm really spending a lot of it tweeting up outside the city. There are so many people I'd love to connect with right in SF.

So PLEASE drop by, see the awesome one-and-only Citizen Space, raise a cup of Joe and say hi before I scurry back to Boston?

Added by Pistachio on July 16, 2008



Hooray! Now I have an opp to meet @missrogue and @pistachio in one Citizen Space. Looking way forward to it.:-)


Yay! Can't wait to see you on the best (err, I mean *West*) coast! :)


I've been needing an excuse to drop into Citizen Space! I'll see you there, Laura, and Joy'll probably come along too.


Laura, I'll contact CreativeSage, and see if she still needs a rids. It will be a treat to meet you all--in person.


Would be pleased to meet you too.


ugh, just realized i have a presentation to give at 9am tuesday. not sure how long the meeting will go, and will head over to CS when it's done. hopefully you'll be around for a couple hours...?


I don't actually know you (yet!), but I like to meet new tech folk, and Citizen Space is fun, so I think I'll come along :)


I'm planning to be there! See you all tomorrow.:-)