363 Brannan Street
San Francisco, California 94107

This month we learn from pro Chris Heuer about the role of conversation in marketing, the future of advertising, how organizations are becoming more social and what he calls the 4 C's of Social Media (context, communication, collaboration and connections).

This new reality is drastically impacting every organization on the planet in ways that are not yet clear. What is clear is that we need to figure out what this means to our agencies, our clients, our businesses and our careers. More importantly, we need to know what we should be DOING about it. With insights gained from relationships with other leading social media practitioners around the world, and his own experience, Chris Heuer is coming to the SFAMA meeting to share what he has learned.

More importantly, Chris will spend a lot of the session answering your questions - but don't worry, you won't necessarily have to stand up in front of everyone to do so. Instead, you can go online and ask your questions in advance. This promises to be a really fun and educational meeting - don't miss out!

To register for this event, please visit http://www.sfama.org/events/calendar/socialmedia and type in the code 'fall08' to receive $15 off the ticket price.

If there is something you wish to know about Social Media, please fill out this form and we will make sure Chris responds - http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=Bs0Q79FG0kx03VxPshl_2bRQ_3d_3d

* This event is hosted by the San Francisco chapter of the AMA.

Official Website: http://www.sfama.org/events/calendar/socialmedia

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