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Saturday, August 7th, 2010

[ K O N T R O L ]

minimal techno + avant house
every 1st Saturday at The Endup

featuring from Berlin, Germany:


(Berghain . MDR . Ostgut Ton . Hard Wax)
(Rekids . B-Pitch Control . Sandwell District)

Marcel Dettmann is the prized resident of what's often been
called the best nightclub in the the world, Berlin's infamous
Berghain/Panoramabar.  Alongside the likes of Ben Klock,
Shed, and Cassy, his steady rise to fame has helped define
both the sound and direction of current dance music, cementing
in the process his reputation as one of the best techno DJs in
the world. Now with a new album, a proper work visa, and at last
his own outstanding collection of vinyl in hand, Marcel returns to
[KONTROL] to show us why.


::: CAMEA :::

(Clink Recordings . Klickhaus . Klectik . M_nus)
(Einmaliens . Sunset Diskos . Ransom Note)

Camea Hoffman is co-founder of Clink Recordings, a successful
and highly-regarded label that has showcased the talents of Tim
Xavier, Tony Rohr, Alexi Delano, Adultnapper, Mark Henning, and
Camea herself, amongst others.  Her minimalist sound is groovy,
dark, sexy, and sophisticated; her taste is impeccable; and her
skills rank her amongst the top female DJs on the planet.  We
are thrilled to finally bring her to SF for her [KONTROL] debut.

plus a special 2 hour bon voyage set
by our own soon-to-be Berliner: 


(Nightlight . Liebe*Detail . Dirt Crew)

Sad but true, the US dance community is losing yet another
stalwart to the techno capital of the world, Berlin.  Although he
will remain an integral part of [KONTROL] and continue to 
contribute to our bookings and visual presence, this will be Alland's
last time gracing the decks at the Endup for who knows how long. 
Come down early to check out his 2 hour farewell set (starting at 
11pm) and help send him off right. And while you're there, make 
sure to say THANK YOU for all Alland has done for SF.

with residents:

CRAIG KUNA   (Mothership . Platform . ESDJCO)

NIKOLA BAYTALA   (S.W.A.T. . Robsoul . Junior Boys Own)

SAMMY D   (Classic . Dirtybird . Utensil . Magnificent 7)


401 6th St @ Harrison, SF
10pm - 6am / 21+ / $20

FREE before 11pm!




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Three hours ago he had caught the last train after a gig in Leipzig, heading for his set in Berlin the very same night. But Dettmann missed to get off – and suddenly has found himself stuck at dead end Hamburg main station: no trains till morning, no one to call for a ride. Promptly – and without any hesitation about the ridiculous charge – he hires a cab, having only one thing in mind: Berlin, Berghain, the Club… 

Consequently nothing but the Club as a musical and cultural lifeworld forms and defines the life of Marcel Dettmann, who was born in the GDR in 1977 and raised with east-german youth culture. Influenced by EBM and Wave he faces the offspring of virgin Techno in early nineties’s Berlin and gets socialized with this new-born subcultural scene, whose way of life he shall live and develop until today. On the one hand, he has spun records since 1994 including residency continuum at Berlin’s Ostgut/Berghain right from its opening in 1999. On the other, Dettmann started to produce and release tracks and remixes in 2006. Beside Ostgut Ton first and foremost his self-run label MDR provides the necessary and appropriate outlet: no compromise, free, independent, facilitating the “quest for the optimal track”. His engagement at Berlin’s Technosaur Hard Wax also supports his innate quest: the continuous exploration of electronic music development. 

Dettmann’s persistent reply to inquiries on his DJ-style – no doubts about its foundational and just natural club-oriented functionality – simply and sparsely reads “dark” and “the dark side”. At a closer look this brings to light a certain fascination in Techno: a futuristic medium inherently pointing towards the new and unseen, unexplored and unknown, undefined and unexpected. 

For Dettmann Techno depicts a determination of both his life and music. At the same time it opens up the needed space to develop thoughts, actions and creations. Eventually Dettmann is having only this space in mind: Berlin, Berghain, the Club… 

Marcel Dettmann is one of the local residents of the Berlin club Berghain. 

He also runs the label Marcel Dettman Records.

===> LINKS:

MySpace (with music samples):



Resident Advisor feature "Marcel Dettmann: Peak Time":

===> AUDIO:

Marcel Dettmann's Resident Advisor Mix:

RA Mix writeup + interview:

===> VIDEO:

Marcel Dettmann - Interview @ Berghain/Panoramabar:

Marcel Dettmann - Live in Minneapolis, January 2009: 

More Marcel Dettmann videos:


::: CAMEA :::

Clink’s leading lady is undoubtedly one of techno’s hottest female acts. A DJ for over ten years, she began as a pianist and music lover in Seattle when she was first exposed to electronic music in the 90s. It inspired her to no end and she subsequently moved to Brooklyn where she spawned Clink with Insideout, Tim Xavier and Tony Rohr in 2005. Since then she has relentlessly worked to bring her musical vision to the world by releasing her own production and working with a diverse selection of talented artists to create the unique sound of Clink. 

As a DJ, Camea has as much stage presence as she does technical ability, and her groovy, fun track selection has secured her a regular tour schedule around the world. She has graced some of the world’s hottest clubs and festivals like Amore, Fusion, Berghain, Space, Fuse, Club Der Visionare, Cityfox, Watergate, Goa, Pacha and many more, and since her relocation to Berlin in 2007 she has become one of the handful of women from America to make it to the International stage for her genre. She is also a technology advocate and DJs digitally with two midi controllers, two turntables and a laptop. 

In the studio Camea is Seattle cool meets Brooklyn edge, and has a unique sound that blends her musician roots with modern melodic ideas and funky, driving percussion. She modestly says that she is still learning and has a lot to discover in her techniques, but her tracks speak for themselves as they have topped sales and DJ Charts on several occasions. When she is not in the studio or touring, Camea is usually working on new plans for the label and challenging herself to bring new ideas into reality. In 2010 she has been working with visual artists to bring the Clink graphics into shows to create a multimedia experience, in addition to organizing label events at festivals like WMC, DEMF and Sonar. She also works regularly and tours with several of the artists, and produces with long time friends Tim Xavier and Alexi Delano.

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MySpace (with music):

Resident Advisor:


===> AUDIO:

Camea - "Shooting The Moon" mix for FWD.dj

===> VIDEO:

Camea @ Carnival Medellin:

Camea @ Kubik Festival, Hamburg:

More Camea videos:



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