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"Sex Appeal Coaching? is a fun, effective and innovative technique with immediate results. Discover the qualities that the opposite sex finds attractive and the gender signals people need to have sex appeal. Learn to tell whether a person is romantically interested or is just being friendly and find out how to approach someone you are attracted to.

Brief Biography
Dr. Stan Jones is a professor of communications at the University of Colorado at Boulder and an authority on body language. He has published over 25 research articles and books including The Right Touch: Understanding and Using the Language of Physical Contact. Eva Margolies, MA, CST, an internationally recognized expert on relationships and sexuality, has appeared on such television shows as Oprah and 20/20 and has been featured in People magazine. She is a certified sex therapist and is director of the Center for Sexual Recovery in New York. She has written six books including The Samson and Delilah Complex and Undressing the American Male."

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