1090 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, California 94025

I'm going to be in town for SES and so will a lot of people from around the world. Let's drink and talk and see who can post the most hideous picture of the night on Flickr. (No tailgates will actually be involved, unless something goes seriously wrong.)

NOTE: This event is not officially affiliated with Jupiter Events, Danny Sullivan, or Search Engine Strategies.

Official Website: http://www.jackiedanicki.com/?p=648

Added by jackied on July 2, 2006



If possible, can this be held on the Peninsula?


Chris, I'm talking to a potential venue in Sunnyvale, and Kristie Wells has also suggested BBC in Palo Alto. I'd like it to be close to San Jose because that's where SES is being held.


Ugh, you chickened out and did the Peninsula. Chris a corruptive influence. I'll still come though.


Hi Jackie, see you there.


Ian! how's it, I've not seen you since Syndication in SF


Yay, Ian! It'll be nice to see you without United Airlines employees surrounding us, making everything horrible.


hey Ian looks like you have a lot of fans- glad to see i am not the only one. looking forward to seeing you and Jeremiah on monday - along with the others who will be there.


Hey Jeremiah - yeah, I've been off the conf. circuit for a while. Looking forward to catching up with you all!


Daniella --you missed our other geek events, glad to have you



United Airlines Folks? At Syndicate or do you mean Blog Business Summitt?

At BBS the Connexxion folks from Boeing were there --cool


I mean at LAX, where I bumped into Ian (and his gorgeous family) back in March - we were both being treated like dirt by United at the same time. Good times.


Folks, I'm really excited as I'll be meeting Alan Young there, an old friend, and he's bringing Meredith Dodge, a Fresh young web designer who has just joined us in the bay area. please help me welcome them both


Thanks Jeremiah, I'm excited to meet everybody!


Looking forward to meeting everyone tonight...


Glad to have you along, Alan and Meredith!