One Memorial Drive, Suite 1500
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Serious Games : Human Science in Design

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One Memorial Drive, Suite 1500

Cambridge, MA 02142

Monday, May 21, 2007

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Keynote Speaker, PROFESSOR ROBERT STONE, Director,Human Interface Technologies, Chair Interactive Multimedia Systems University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Great new panel has just been added. They include Scot Osterweil Research Manager, Education Arcade and Kent Quirk, Chief Technical officer at CogniToy.

By 2008 40% of U.S. companies will adopt serious games in their training efforts. Learn more about games-based learning, its market and what it means to the US and UK markets.

Professor Stone has a long a distinguished career in the fields of gaming and virtual reality and is a human factors expert working with the MoD and DoD in their utilization of serious games.

Scot Osterweil is the project manager for the Education Arcade ( MIT Project and is currently running "Learning Games to Go," a federally funded project designed to develop mobile games that teach math and literacy.

Kent Quirk is the Chief Technical Officer and one of the founders, Kent has over 20 years experience in software design and development. He is the architect of Programmable Objects as well as lead designer for MindRover. His role includes game design as well as overseeing all aspects of development, art, media, and website design. He is an entrepreneur and a specialist in human factors and software interface design.

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