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SEO Essentials Bootcamp
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Is your website producing more leads? or more sales?
Are you throwing time and money at a website with no return?

Invest 2 days at our SEO Bootcamp and get the online results you deserve!

At the Bootcamp you will learn to
***Sell more with Google in 7 days!
***Drive more quality traffic to your site!
***Capture more leads from your website and make more money!
***Take the guesswork out of Search Engine Optimization with our proven 6 step method!

Search Engines are powerful tools used by billions of people each month!
Isn't it time you started leveraging this valuable asset?

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Topics covered at the 2 Day Bootcamp include:
1. Keyword research: Discover the techniques for finding out what keywords people are searching for.
2. Writing content: A huge part of search engine optimization is valuable content for your reader. Google wants to serve useful relevant content to people using the search engine. We will provide you with our tips for writing good content.
3. A look at the Search Engine Elements on your page. What are the elements on your page that Google and other search engines look at.
4. Once your pages are written and re-written for the search engines we will show you how to set your pages out so that search engines will find them easily.
5. Learn to monitor your traffic and monitor the results by using Analytics and other search engine ranking tools
6. Finally we will show you the importance of working in ranges of pages. Adding one page about a specific keyword may not be enough. You will want to add multiple pages to your site if you are targeting a specific keyword.

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Our Training Sessions are limited to 6 people
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Picture: Graduates of our first 2 Day SEO Bootcamp

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Our sessions are taught by Two qualified trainers. Both of our Trainers have received their certification from the Search Engine Academy, the world leader in on site Search Engine Optimization Training.

Pictured above is Rodney Bartlett working with 4 students at the past SEO Bootcamp.

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