4950 Hacienda Drive
Dublin, California 94568

Jim Britt the internationally known and highly sought-after success counselor, entrepreneur, and best selling author will speak at the seminar on "Do This. Get Rich! for Entrepreneurs" where he will share his tips and secrets on January 20th at the Hyatt Dublin at 7 pm.

In Jim Britt's words "Most people think I have a "secret" to becoming rich. Well, I talk a lot about that in my book "Do This. Get Rich!" However, there is something else that is EXTREMELY important - TIMING!"

"Starting May 2009, and for the next 18 months, something is happening that will result with people "in the know" to build the foundation to become very rich. I am sharing that with my students RIGHT NOW and they are on their way!"

"In the past, I took 10 people, and made 9 of them millionaires in 24 months, and the 10th became a millionaire in the 3rd year! So I know what to do to make YOU rich - if you are willing to follow instructions."

Throughout his three-decade career as an entrepreneur, Jim has counseled more than 300 companies, written 16 books and programs and trained over a million people on the principles of peak performance, entrepreneurship, and personal achievement.

Jim will show you how to discover and remove your financial limitations! If you have a burning desire for financial change then you won't want to miss this opportunity.

"Jim Britt's insights into the psychology of wealth will give you focus, clarity, and purpose to refine your financial plan and make the right choices for your business, your finances, and your life." - ANTHONY ROBBINS, Author Unlimited Power.

However YOU define freedom...Jim wants you to have it! But the kind of freedom won't ever come from working for others!

Find out the 12 Things You Can Do Now to Attain Financial Freedom No matter what you do for a living...regardless of your education, level of business experience, or current financial status.

Learn the Secrets of Starting and Running a Successful Business!

Official Website: http://20january2010.eventbrite.com/

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