42 Kingsway
London, England

Semantic London is a first shot at organising an event for people interested in all things Semantic Web (both lower-case and Upper Case). If you've got an interest in getting more and better semantic information out on the web, come along.

Who's it for? Microformaters, RDF geeks, SPARQL addicts, GRDDL monkeys, XML nerds and mashup maniacs ahoy! Geeks, web designers, developers and normal people who've got an interest in the topic.

What's it gonna be? Well, at first, just a place to chat. Maybe in the future, a place to host Geek Dinner-style short speeches or tech demos.

Venue is the Pitcher and Piano, 42 Kingsway, Holborn. It's very close to the Tube station - about 200m or so down Kingsway. I should be in there at about 6pm - we might be able to take over the backroom in the future if we like the venue. The P&P isn't great, but it's about right for the number of people who've signed up. There is no charge for Semantic London.

Official Website: http://www.getsemantic.com/wiki/Events/Semantic_London

Added by tommorris on March 8, 2007



Great, I can come now it's on 20th ;-)


I had to move it - there are too many good events next week to try and sneak another one in. There's the London Ruby Users Group, London 2.0 RC 10, Pub Standards and half the geek crowd have gone and buggered off to Texas for SXSW.

I'd would have liked to have had something this week, but it's just not practical.


I'd like to try and make it, but I'll be a bit late (7.30?)


Wanted to come, but I'm bound to bed with 38.5 fever.