315 North Congress
Austin, Texas 78701

Call for entries for the Austin Figurative Gallery Self Portrait Show September 27th from 7-11pm, one night only. Anyone who can get their entry on a 20 inch tall and 16 inch wide canvas, art board, or piece of paper gets in. There is no entry fee because I'm morally opposed to that sort of thing. If your painting or drawing is not the correct size or orientation (portrait- not landscape, in printer terms) it will be rejected even if you bust out a powerful babby Jesus and it cries hot stinging tears. He'll just have to go on crying. But if you can manage these oppressive restrictions you're in. There will be no sales, but trading at the show will be encouraged. The event will occur wherever the AFG happens to be at that time. Jerry's Artarama keeps Ampersand Boards (all I ever use) and some kind of canvases of the correct size in stock. A lot of the employees do this semi annual show so they can tell you how cool it is. Ask snarko!, she'll tell ya.

David Ohlerking

Questions; [email protected]


If you want to enter remotely you can send it to this address;

David Ohlerking
227 North Congress 104
Austin, Texas 78701


Official Website: http://austinfigurativegallery.com

Added by David O on July 8, 2008


4Eva Evas Hot or Not Spot

Geeez, what a busy weekend this is going to be!!! Wish I could make it but I'll have to wait until the next show.