400 SE 12th Ave
Portland, Oregon

Second planning meeting for SEEcamp, an unconference focused on developing a vision for Social, Environmental and Economic sustainability.

SEEcamp has begun to coalesce and has leads for marketing, logistics and other needs, but is still in search of volunteers. If you missed the first planning meeting and are interested, please do come. You can also follow us on twitter @seecamp.

Official Website: http://seecamp.org

Added by Steven Walling on January 11, 2009



I'm going to be coming back into town right about the same time as this meeting, so I won't be able to make it, but I'll do my best to make the next meeting
-Mikalina Kirkpatrick

Steven Walling


This meeting has been _moved_ to 3 Friends Coffee House on SE 12th, a block away from the Red & Black!