514 8th Street
Charleroi, Pennsylvania 15022

Playing what Ray Zalinski would refer to as "Brutal grind for brutal dudes" See You Next Tuesday is made up of four unassuming guys from suburban Michigan. Modesty aside, aficionados of boredom will also note the band's use of innovation and experimentation to expand the grind genre to the best of their abilities. Main songwriter Drew Slavik (guitar) who never repeats riffs in the band's songs, has a shred style guitar playing with his own "noisy" twist. Commenting on this he says "I only play vintage 80's guitars and use my whammy bar every chance I get!" Similarly driven vocalist, Fox delivers screams ranging from high screeches to low bellows maintaining catchy patterns over the bands random and nonrepetitive song structure. Completing the arsenal, rhythm section of Andy Dalton (drums) blasting away on an acrylic drum set and Travis Martin (bass) populating the bottom end with a distorted six-string bass.

Chasing Victory
Belie My Burial
Child Bite
The Failsafe

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