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Are you ready for Team 2.0? Beyond technical skills, Agile project success depends on productive self-organizing teams. How do you develop, grow, and maintain a functioning self-organizing team? It’s not magic, but it doesn’t just happen either. Effective self-organizing teams rely on personal and interpersonal effectiveness. In this hands-on workshop, Diana Larsen and Esther Derby will help you discover the secrets to succeed and lead on a self-organizing team.

Pre-requisites: A desire to be best the possible team member or team leader.

Benefits: Team members & leaders will learn to:
Improve the quality of interactions with customers and others outside the team
Increase the speed and effectiveness of feedback
Contribute to an environment for team success

Audience: Agile project leaders, managers, team leaders, team coaches, XP coaches, team members, ScrumMasters and others leading and working in teams.

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