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Well, she is lots of things! A Secret Keeper Girl values modesty, she surrounds herself with wise friends and she embraces Godly beauty. So, she keeps the deepest secrets of her beauty for just one man. But she also knows that she can share all of her heart secrets with her mom at any time. The coolest thing for you to know is that a Secret Keeper Girl is a masterpiece created by God. So whether you are new to our site or a SKG pro who’s been to an event, read “Secret Keeper” or already had eight great dates with your momma, you, sweet girl, are a Secret Keeper Girl because you are a true masterpiece created by God’s hand.

What does the ALL-NEW Secret Keeper Girl Live: Pajama Party Tour event look like?

You’ll love the all-new Secret Keeper Girl Live: The Pajama Party Tour! An event that’s even better than the original Secret Keeper Girl event you may have attended, it’s full of great biblical truth about true beauty and modesty but with a ton of pajama party fun! It’s still for 8-12 year old girls and their moms. The event lasts two and a half hours. Dannah Gresh’s team of fantastic teachers will connect instantly with your audience. Girls will love the stage decorated with balloon sculptures, the up-beat worship times and the crazy mother-daughter showdowns as the “slumber numbers” clock clicks towards “midnight.” Moms will laugh at the hilarious look at fashion during the “Totally Tubular TV Moms Show”…which shows off the fashion of famous moms like Lucy, Jane Jetson, Alice from the Brady Bunch, and Claire Huxtable. Everyone will embrace the fabulous fashion show featuring 8-12 year old girls in today’s hottest looks hidden under their fuzzy robes. These outfits also reflect modesty and pass the Secret Keeper Girl "Truth or Bare" Fashion Tests. Between the two fashion shows, Dannah Gresh’s talented team of teachers will take the audience deeply into God’s word to talk about peer pressure and internal beauty. The girls will love learning about modesty and it will stick!

Official Website: http://goo.gl/5on0X

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