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San Francisco, California 94109

Trey Spruance, Secret Chiefs 3's chief composer and a former guitarist for Mr. Bungle, is a visionary madman capable of instilling both fear and respect in his listeners. Secret Chiefs 3 have existed in various incarnations over the course of the past eight years, and have served as the funnel for Spruance's remarkably far-flung studies of the hermetic mysteries and musical traditions of unknown and underappreciated subgenres. Album titles like Grand Constitution and Bylaws and Book M hint at the music's vaguely metaphysical bent. Over three years in the making, Book of Horizons is Secret Chiefs' most expansive and coherent statement, an alchemical fusion of Morricone-esque cinematic grandeur, midnight surf guitar, traditional Middle Eastern rhythms and time signatures, demonic death metal, and electronic deviance that yields a work of undeniable force.

Official Website: http://www.gamh.com

Added by gamh on March 30, 2007



I'm definitely looking forward to this one.


will be at salt lick so coming by later.


Oh, to be one of the geekerati...


do we have to *have* standards to get in?


Well, if we break the fire marshal's standards for room capacity we may just have to lock the doors :P

Ms. Jen



Do you have to have a SXSWi badge to get in or can I bring my girlfriend too?


Travis: Only if she takes two shots at the door... ok, no seriously, she's welcome to party with us.


Thanks Nick - lol, she'd probably be down for the shots anyway - make them vodka and I'm sure she would! Anyway, it's Tavis not Travis (blame my stupid hippie parents for that) and we'll most likely be there.


My bad, I read your name too fast. It's ok, everyone thinks my last name is "Fink" instead of "Finck" ...see, it could be worse for you. :) See you in a few days!


see ya there.


great events in uShip's Hometown!


THAT WAS AWESOME. Good job on outdoing frogdesign. If only you moved your companies to Texas, then we could party all year long. I think we'll be hearing about this party next year.


Wow this party rocked--- thanks yall!!


Ya, maybe we'll have one next year as well.. though perhaps we should rename it to "the sweat pit" or something. Glad everyone had a good time!