Turfdraagsterpad 17
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1012 XT

If you can hold a keyboard, you should be at this workshop!

The open-search project proposes to build a distributed, peer-to-peer, search-engine. By combining the already existing technologies ofpeer-to-peer file storage, distributed crawling and peer-to-peer searching, we hope to solve the problems inherent to a centralized search-engine: manipulation, censorship and profiling.

After a period of contemplation and reflection, the open-search project is ready for some serious hacking and discussion. If you have any programming skills, analytic skills, interface design skills or other skills that you can use to contribute to the open search project, we have todo list items with your name on them! Those concerned with the legal and policy details of the project are also welcome for the non-technical track, to discuss policies, legal issues, issues of deployment and ideology versus users.

Official Website: http://www.open-search.net/Opensearch/SecondWorkshop

Added by silvertje on April 22, 2007