4255 Baldwin Ave.
Culver City, California 90232

Marc Bauer, Eelco Brand, Chris Cornish, Tom Dale, Monica Duncan in collaboration with Matthew Underwood, Aleksandra Domanovic, Collectif fact, Camille Henrot, Karen Koltrane, Margit Lukacs & Persijn Broersen, Julie Orser, and Richard T. Walker.

Give me a wildness whose glance no civilization can endure--as if we lived on the marrow of koodoos devoured raw.
Henry David Thoreau, in Walking.

The term ‘second nature’ comes from Cicero: “We sow corn and plant trees. We fertilize the soil by irrigation. We dam the rivers, to guide them where we will. One may say that we seek with our human hands to create a second nature in the natural world.”

The idea for this projection was based on a series of questions asked to the artists.
What can be described as wilderness at a time when much of the earth’s land is being annexed by cities? How have we been reinventing the idea of a preserved nature, untouched by the hand of humanity? What does the wilderness evokes to you?

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