1415 Fifth Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98101

Video production courses coming to Seattle. Classes include: shooting, micing, editing and lighting video. Wedding Videographey, On-line Video Production, Hi-Definition, and Producing Videos for Schools.

Specialty Video Topics

Wedding Videography

Valuable wedding videography tips from pre-ceremony prep to delivery of the finished tape or DVD.

Videos for On-line

How to make money on-line, shoot, edit, and compress for the small screen.

Shooting Video for High Definition

Learn some of the secrets to shooting in this Hi-def format from codecs to creative use of the wide screen. 16:9 palette.

Videos for Schools

Learn how to overcome the special challenges of shooting and editing a variety of school activities along with the legal restrictions to shooting on campus.

Video Production Courses

Camcorder Techniques

Learn camcorder button basics, shot composition, camera moves, and how to shoot video for easier editing.

Microphones and Sound Recording for video

Develop your skills in adding audio to video. Class will cover working with microphones, pickup patterns, frequency response, dynamics, and noise.

Video Editing Techniques

Gain confidence in using editing systems, pacing, edit rhythms, dissolves, wipes, composting, layers, transitions, and titling to enhance your videos.

Video Lighting Techniques

Don't let video lighting problems get in the way of capturing the perfect scene. Learn about reflectors, diffusers, background lighting, defining shape, texture, umbrellas, gels, and color temperature.

For full details go toVideomaker Seattle Video Production Conference

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