1114 Howell St.
Seattle, Washington 98101

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH: THE SEATTLE SPELLING BEE, the 1st Monday of every month at Re-bar
Seattle Spelling Bee- A phenomenon spreading across the country like West Nile Virus, it's sure to be a fun and relaxed evening of spelling and d-r-i-n-k-i-n-g! Now in its second season ...

From dusty tomes of word lore and childhood memories of spelling glory (or horror) comes Re-bar's latest monthly series: Seattle Spelling Bee. Willing audience members and local spelling know-it-alls get drunk, flirt, and flaunt while they slur their way through progressively more difficult words to win drink tickets and prizes! Each installment finds the best of the lot and progresses them up the ladder of competition until, finally, a SUPREME WINNER IS PROCLAIMED!

The spelling bee is a great way for people to meet and chat in an upbeat setting. As co-hosts of the Seattle bee we call upon anyone who has tasted spelling bee defeat and wants to right past wrongs, anyone who has tasted spelling bee victory and wants to relive the glory, and anyone who wants to drink and spell, or watch others drink and spell. The top three winners at each bee go home with bar tab. At the end of the spelling season, all past top-three winners qualify to compete in finals for cash and prizes. Don't worry if you didn't score in the top three during the season though because the audience gets a chance to win prizes during the finals as well!

Official Website: http://www.rebarseattle.com/events.php

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