A little brick street between 1st and Western, starting at Pike Street
Seattle, Washington

Come hang out and join us for a photowalk in Seattle. This photowalk is a work in progress, so anyone feel free to chime in if you think it should be structured differently or if there are better places to shoot.

For now, we'll meet at Pike Place Market at 6pm in Seattle -- we'll meet at Rachel the pig, near where they throw the fish. We can shoot there and hope to also visit the waterfront, Pioneer Square, sculpture park, and any other areas that people think are worth exploring.

Experience level is unimportant. Bring your DSLR, your point and shoot, your film camera, your tripod, or whatever.

We'll probably figure out a break point at some point in the evening where we can grab a quick bite or beer or whatever else people are in the mood for.

Added by thomashawk on June 5, 2008


Brad B

Sounds like fun, I'll be there!

Culinary Fool

Thomas: I suggest you pick a bit more specific location to avoid confusion. You might "meet at Rachel the pig" (http://flickr.com/search/?q=rachel%20the%20pig%20seattle&w=all)which is right by Pike Place Fish (where they throw the fish). By 6:00 most vendors will be closing down and it shouldn't be too congested there.

Brenda (aka Culinary Fool)


great idea Brenda, I just added that in the description! Thanks much!


I was talking to Robert Scoble earlier tonight and he suggested that as part of our photowalk that we consider taking a ferry ride and hitting the sunset on the city on the ride back from the ferry. Said it would take about 40 minutes. Anyone have any opinions on that as part of the walk? I think sunset would probably be pretty late, 8 or 9pm.

rickr m

hey thomas, since your thinking ferry, sunset and city, i'll throw another option at you that many forget about, water taxi from downtown to west seattle-alki., just trying to give you ideas

the view.


wow Rick, that view is stunning, would love to shoot that!


Whoa, this is what I've been waiting for! :D
Cool, it will be a pleasure to meet some one that I read the blog, and take some street photos around Seattle.

Sunset today was 9:03pm, so that's the time frame we are looking for july too.

If we cross the puget sound, there is Alki beach, which have this pano view of the city (please don't notice the bad stitching):


i'm there, and spreading the word. can't wait!


I used to be a ferry commuter and the views are amazing. I'm definitely in for that. Even shooting the ferry terminals at Bainbridge and Seattle are good subjects. FYI, it's 40 minutes each way, so plan on an hour and a half round trip.

Culinary Fool

The ferry is a great idea but will take a big chunk of the evening as mentioned. I think more than 1.5 hours since there's loading time in there, too. I think the water taxi might be a better option, especially since once you get to West Seattle there are lots of photo opps as people are showing.


I can't wait! I am new to the area and have been dying to get in some photography but have been too busy since the move!


There is a very large observation deck where the water taxi docks in west Seattle. In addition to the skyline, you can also get nice views of the seaport.


Water taxi sounds like a great idea!


Looking forward to it Thomas. Light should be amazing.


Planning a pit stop at an Apple store? :-)


That would be awesome, a bunch of photographers flooding the Apple store for some eye candy 80)


Can't wait to meet you guys and photograph Pike Place. Have lived here two years but I've always chickened out because am too intimidated by all that character ;).


I want to take pictures for fun. Enjoy meeting new people and eating wonderful food. Count me in...


if 50+ people show up, you're going to need a big venue. what's the water taxi capacity? and Pike Place close at 6 pm. Now, the Bainbridge ferry might work, especially if you're on the 7:20 or later boats.
Plenty of room. Overpriced beer. Photogenic top deck. (p.s. i'm biased since I live there - it'll be a one-way trip for me!)


Ugh, this conflicts with the Mike Yamashita talk I bought tickets to months ago, so I probably can't make it. http://www.awdpc.com/form/event071108/ Have fun!


Anyone have parking suggestions? I very rarely go into Seattle - and when I do it's for a game or a show. help! :)