2209 2nd Ave.
Seattle, Washington 98121

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

McLeod Residence invites you to celebrate your favorite local notable by dressing up!

Wanted: Tom Skerritt, Juan aka Frye Apartment Guy, Dale Chihuly, Slats aka The Original Hipster, Mayor Greg Nickels, DeeDee Rainbow, John in the Morning, Governor Christine Gregoire, Artis the Spoonman, Greg Lundgren, Buster McLeod, Sunny Kobe Cook, Ben Lashes aka Mr. Belts, Ade, The Cowboys aka The 49ers, Reggie Watts, Nancy Wilson, Tyhooke, Dan Savage, Trainwreck aka Trickiniqua aka Heyyyy, Cameron Crowe, Nancy Pearl, Stone Gossard, The Button-wearing Bus Expert, Skerik, Sean Nelson, Baby Gramps, Paul Allen, Linda Derschang, Jamaican Flag Cape Runner, John Curley, Ichiro, Dave Matthews, Guy with Two Bulldogs, Regina Hackett, Dina Martina, Real World Danny, Sherman Alexie, Congressman Jim McDermott, Link the Zelda Hunter aka Elf Boy, Mark Arm, Rob Thielke aka Honk for Fonk, Ben Gibbard, Jack Benaroya, Paul Rucker, Adam Arkin, Tom Robbins, Howard Schultz, Korby Lenker, Jackie Hell, Three Imaginary Girls, Steve Pool, James Brown Santa, Greg Kucera, DJ Riz, Dave Bazan, Jeff Bezos, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Charles Mudede, The Nordstrom Family, Anne Gould Hauberg, Chocha Fresca, Chris Cornell, Sally Brock, Lele McLeod, Ballsport players, Krist Novaselic, Chris Weber, Kenny G, Mariner Moose, Fay Jones, DJ Trent Von, The Big Kahuna, Matthew Kangas, Peter Buck, The Moneytree Caterpillar, Mimi Gates, Sonics Squatch, Ben Exworthy, Pike Market Piano Guy, SuttonBeresCuller, Bill Frisell, Bartender Murray Stenson, Geisha Starr, Bill Nye, Jen Graves, Tom Douglas, Cardboard Cutout Air Guitar Guy, John Keister, Rat City Rollergirls, Pet Squirrel Guy, Maggie McLeod, Christopher Frizzelle, Emery Carl, Gene Juarez, Giant Ave Baby, Scott Lawrimore, Seattle Center Tuba Player, Robyn Hitchcock, Michael Winters, Fankick, The Crescent's "Star", Ken Schram, Jetpack McLeod, Bill Gates, Your Favorite Notable...

Every time we mention this we remember a couple other notables... so feel free to reminisce a while and find that notable that has meaning to you.

Prizes will be awarded to the best costume. Make your notable proud!

Costumes are required!! Costume Contest judged by The Lashes!

Tickets can be purchased HERE. Drink tickets are included with admission.

Official Website: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/10249

Added by lele on January 24, 2007