1621 12th Ave N.E.
Seattle, Washington

Seattle Neutrino Project - one movie, one hour, one chance to get it right.

Seattle Neutrino is a unique show that merges the fields of theatre, film, and reality television. The result is an original piece of film that has never been seen before and will never be seen again. They are a group of 15 actors and technicians who create, edit, and project a film all in real time for a live audience.

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Here's how it works: Seattle Neutrino is divided into three teams (A, B, and C), each containing actors, a camera person, and a runner. Each team is responsible for their own story line within the film. Each team will express this story over four 3-minute scenes. Before the show begins, the cast mingles with the audience to collect ideas for the film. The host introduces the show and we're off: one at a time, the teams exit the theater, run to locations in the neighborhood, and start shooting their scenes. However, time is of the essence - each team only has a few minutes to plan, shoot, and run the scene back to the venue, where it is immediately projected in front of the audience.

Scenes are rushed to the mixing board one tape at a time. The VJ queues the tape while the DJ selects music to accompany the scene. Team A's first scene is projected followed by Team B's first scene, then Team C's first scene, then Team A's second scene, and so on. In the end, you've got one seamless 50-minute film, screened just moments after it was created.

Official Website: http://www.seattleneutrino.com

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