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NetSquared is a Tech Soup venture to increase the adoption of Web 2.0 services by nonprofit organizations and others interested in creating a social benefit. The goal of NetTuesday is to create an ongoing peer-driven community event for the development of social software and positive real world change in Seattle.

This is just the second Net2 Tuesday in Seattle, so we'll continue to encourage everyone to talk about how they would like the community to evolve. Our first event had a fantastic turnout and great folks. Please email your friends about this event. Everyone is welcome.

This month, we have three speakers lined up with a new format. Each presenter will have 5 - 7 minutes (strictly enforced) and 3 - 5 minutes for Q & A. There will be time for group socializing before and after the speakers.

1) Alyssa Royse, President & Editor-In-Chief of JUST CAUSE, will present on her upcoming product launch.

"JUST CAUSE is using online social networking as a tool to enable non-profits to use their constituents as messengers, lessening the burden of marketing and PR efforts that can be hard to implement with limited time and money. The JUST CAUSE platform allows individual users to create causes online, and use the platform to support their causes with everything from blogging to event planning to communication campaigns and direct donations. All of this connects to a National Magazine that will be drawing content from the online community. Alyssa Royse, founder, will talk about using technology to empower individuals. Matt Freedman, Director of Technology, will discuss using Drupal to create the system, and the pros and cons of using open source in this way."

2) Stephen Dagadakis, Founder of SmallerCity, will present on the challenges of choosing a corporate structure (for profit or nonprofit?) and will ask Net2 volunteers to work with him over the coming month on this issue. Their results will be reviewed with all of us in August.

"Although the choice to incorporate as not for profit or for profit may appear to be a value judgment; many organizations are making the choice based on pragmatic considerations. A specific case will be presented about the relative merits of each route in regards to a geographically-oriented social network site and how growth potential might impact the decision-making calculus. Over the course of the next month, I hope to hear other NetSquared members' thoughts on the topic and why they chose their current designation."

3) Tips you can use: Jeff Reifman, Founder of ActionStudio.org and NewsCloud.com, will present on how to add online advertising to your Website using Google AdSense and other services.

"As part of the new tips you can use segment, I'll walk through how to integrate online advertising into your Website to begin generating new revenue streams (small as they may be at first)."

This month's event is sponsored by Knowledge As Power (http://knowledgeaspower.org/). The McLeod Residence (http://mcleodresidence.com) is our generous host once again.

Official Website: http://seattlenettuesday.ning.com/

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Sarah Schacht

Hi Everyone, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's meeting. You can also join us online at http://seattlenettuesday.ning.com

See you @ the McLeod Residence!