520 Pike Street, Suite 1375
Seattle, Washington 98101

Zumobi has been a long time sponsor of Seattle Lunch 2.0, and now that their product is out there.... they are starting to get a little attention from the press and the WSA! Of course with this kind of attention Zumobi got excited and chose to celebrate with the lunch 2.0 crowd... Yeah!! Of course they have their product to show you, as well as an interesting talk “From Concept to Beta –a year’s worth of learnings and challenges in design, development, and business for a Seattle start-up in just 15 minutes.” With a 15 min talk that leaves room for Buzz Bruggeman to show off Activewords and give away a few copies!!! I am excited about this one, I hope to see you there!!

Official Website: http://seattle.lunch20.com

Added by joshuamaher on January 3, 2008



I'll be there!


Coming back from Macworld the night before, but I'll be there.


Looking forward to it. Thanks, Zumobi!

Sarah Schacht

Darn. Another Lunch 2.0 when I'll be out of town. Have fun, everyone!


Excellent, I will get a chance to talk about Zumobi's service. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and like it.


Probably will not make it now. Meeting conflict. :-( Next time!


we are all looking forward to having you guys stop by on Friday! I won't give away what we are having for lunch, but let's just say it's going to be yummy goodness :)


i should be stoppin by for a few minutes at least.


Got a conflict at the last minute and need to drop out. So there's one empty seat (or lunch plate) available, get it while you can!


I heard the food is going to be stellar... and beer... and door prizes?!?! You guys rock!!


last min meeting.. :-(


won't be there after all... see you all next time.