1617 Boylston Ave, Second Floor
Seattle, Washington 98122

Continuing the two year long Seattle Lunch 2.0 conversation, we are going to have a less technical topic with the same great entrepreneurs, developers, and tech community. Given we are hosting at a co-working space, we are going to talk about co-working!!

What is it, who does it, what's it really like, why co-working over a coffee shop, can you code in a co-working space? Who else is there? Etc, etc, etc.

There are a few great options for co-working around Seattle & Redmond. We hope you can come enjoy Seattle Lunch 2.0's 2nd Anniversary Lunch event at Office Nomads and it hopefully won't be the last peek inside a co-working space in the area....

Official Website: http://www.seattlelunch20.com

Added by joshuamaher on June 14, 2009



I'm in. Best place to park?


Steve, be sure to arrive early to look for parking. There are pay spots all along Pike and Pine near Boylston, as well as a couple of pay lots. There is one pay lot just a block north of us on Boylston as well. See you Friday!


Greg that sounds like lots of fun enjoy every moment like I am .....


you've been there done that more than you can count ...at least I can say been there done that 1 or twice .... like i said enjoy every moment ,second what ever cause I am.....