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I have been a fan of Kevin Merritt's products for years so when I found out what he was up to over at blist I got excited to see the result. When Kevin asked to host a lunch I got even more excited!! What a great way to check out what bList is really up to and get to know the company.... Some of the details of their product are on their site.... and at the lunch they will give us a much better insight (and maybe a tshirt or two). Of course there will be food, and to keep the food interesting and different than what we've had before we are going to get some pioneer square, Longhorn BBQ!!! and Silicon Valley Bank is even pitching in for good beer and wine! This is starting to sound like a lot of fun :) I hope to see you all there!!

Official Website: http://Seattle.Lunch20.com

Added by joshuamaher on January 17, 2008



I've seen what Blist is doing. Great stuff. You definitely don't want to miss this event.

Bryan Starbuck

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Nice short article about blist today in the Times:
Building world's easiest database


if any attendees have to bail at the last minute, please let me know before you change your status - would love to attend. thanks.


Thanks for the link mcbuzz!!


Once again, I have to drop out at the last minute. So someone can take my place. I might drop by for a few minutes just to say HI but I can't stay for lunch or the presentations :(


Hey everyone! I am new to Seattle and would love to attend this event, if there's an opening! How can I find out if there is space available?


adunnjr - sign up on the wiki at Seattle.lunch20.com if you want to be notified of all the events early!! You can also stay in tune with the events worldwide at www.lunch20.com!!


Joshuamaher - I appreciate your response and have created a profile at Seattle lunch 2.0! Since the event today appears to be full, I will look for alerts on future events.... thanks again!


last minute meeting.

need to skip this one :-(