4408 Delridge Way SW,
Seattle, Washington 98106

Biznik is thrilled to present the first ever BizJam, an all-day, all-evening indie business conference designed to help bootstrapping entrepreneurs develop the skills and make the connections they need to succeed. Sponsors include O'Reilly Radar, Axios Law Group and the Seattle Networking Guide. Scott Berkun, author of forthcoming O'Reilly book "The Myths of Innovation," will deliver the conference keynote talk on the topic of innovation. More than 20 "JamSessions" and panel discussions will follow throughout the day. Confirmed speakers also include Seattle author Michelle Goodman, DL Byron, Shelly Farnham, Ron Sukenick, Madeline Bailey and Internet broadcasting pioneer Scott Bourne.

And that's just the beginning. The evening portion of the event will kick off at 7pm with a fast-paced Ask Later slide jam organized by Brady Forrest, co-founder of Ignite Seattle. Next up: an awards presention spotlighting the most innovative Seattle indie business people, followed by a fashion show presenting the work of Seattle indie fashion designers. The climax of the evening will be a party featuring the talents of Seattle indie DJs. It's going to rock.

But what's really cool about BizJam? You. About half the JamSessions and panel discussions - and all of the evening presentations - will be created by you, the conference attendees. Here’s three ways to get involved:

1. Propose a panel discussion.
2. Propose a JamSession.
3. Propose an Ask Later evening presentation.

To learn more and get started, visit http://www.seattlebizjam.com/you/.

Secure online registration at http://www.seattlebizjam.com/registration/. Register before March 31 and save up to $50.

Official Website: http://www.seattlebizjam.com

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Hey if you're interested in presenting your business/project/cool concept at BizJam, now's the time to submit your proposal. Brady Forrest will be hosting Ignite Seattle at BizJam on the evening of June 9th, and he's created an easy form for you to submit your propsal at http://ignitenight.thirdeye.railsplayground.net/events/form/ignite_bizjam