934 SW Salmon
Portland, Oregon

Rethinking the boundaries between animation, visual art, and experimental filmmaking, Salise Hughes brings together artists working in mediums rarely shown together in this program of films by (mostly) Seattle filmmakers. The program includes: CARNIVAL OF LIFE by Cathy McClure; A MOMENT’S REVERIE by Tess Martin; THOUGHT CITY by Stefan Gruber; THE SLOVENIAN BAG by Amanda Moore; I FORGOT MY NAME by Matthew Cox; SINKING OF THE HUNLEY by Drew Christie; CREDO CIGALIA by Britta Johnson; LIFE FORMS by Davis Limbach; THE PRODUCTION AND DECAY OF STRANGE PARTICLES by Jon Behrens; LAST CALL 1 by Webster Crowell; MYTH LABS by Martha Colburn; LAST CALL 2 by Webster Crowell; HOW TO DRAW DOGS by Salise Hughes; DEERHOOF by Clyde Petersen & Forrest Baum; BEDTIME STORIES by Sarah Jane Lapp; LAST CALL 3 by Webster Crowell; ENDLESS TUNNEL by Tommy Thompson; MARINETTI’S FUTURIST MANIFESTO by Drew Christie; MY LIFE IN LAW ENFORCEMENT by Friese Undine; SAVAGE ARCHAEOLOGY by Britta Johnson; and FRACTUMS with Brent Watanabe, Henry Gallery 2007 (including footage from Jeffery Michell's Hanabuki Installation) by Brent Watanabe. Join curator Salise Hughes and other filmmakers for a lively post-screening Q & A.
( 90 min )

Official Website: http://www.nwfilm.org/screenings/25/264/#1621

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