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Pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns offer a flexible method of maximising website visibility on key search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask. But as PPC markets become increasingly competitive, developing an effective strategy is essential to achieving your best possible return-on-investment (ROI).This course takes you through the essentials of planning, managing and optimising a successful PPC campaign.

Who should attend?
Marketing professionals with a good understanding of the basics of PPC looking to refine and enhance their strategy by using the best tools available.

How will I benefit?
After attending this course you’ll be able to evaluate and fine-tune your PPC strategy to improve clickthrough and conversion rates, as well as review and expand your search term sets to maximise performance. Learn how to effectively track results to maximise ROI through accurate measurement and analysis.

What will I learn?
How to use the latest techniques and developments, together with industry-leading tracking tools, to deliver the most qualified traffic to your site, improve conversion rates and develop a cost-effective route to market. The course divides into three principal areas: positioning your creative, developing a strategy that works and perhaps most critically, tracking and analysis. Copywriting, keyword insertion tools, testing, deep-linking, integration with promotions, bidding strategy, the Google Quality Score, dealing with click-fraud, understanding latest sales and the competitor landscape are just a few of the topics we’ll cover.

Positioning your creative

• Copywriting that will increase ad click-through rates

• When and how to use keyword insertion tools

• Approaches to testing creative

• Tactics to increase conversion rates, such as deep-linking landing pages

• Integration with promotions and offers

A strategy that works

• Understanding the Google Quality Score

• Selecting the right bidding strategy, including effective use of automated cost per acquisition and ROI strategies

• Utilising day parting strategies

• Integrating your PPC with offline campaigns

• Identifying and dealing with click-fraud

Tracking and analysis

• The benefits of using industry leading tools

• Analysing the competitor landscape

• Analysing data and understanding latent sales

• Optimising search terms sets

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