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This is the band "PussyCat Doll

Sponsored by LuckyOliver
Attendee will receive tokens from LuckyOliver to exchange for professional royalty-free photo stock. Must attend to receive offers.

While the popular band Pussycat Dolls is interviewing for the next Doll, web entrepreneurs are hunting for the next hot search engine. After trolling for videos on YouTube and photos on Flickr, they’re now asking: who will be the next superstar of vertical search engines? Who can bring sex back to search now that Google, Yahoo and MSN are maturing?

What can we learn from the past search engines? What does it take to stay on top of the game among Web 2.0 vertical search? Clearly technology alone just can't do it. Our expert panelists, who represent some of the most innovative vertical search engines around today, will examine what makes search engines successful, from a sexy user interface, to an accessible information architecture, to the overall user experience.

Whether you’re an investor or entrepreneur looking for a new idea, or a web professional who needs some inspiration, don’t miss this opportunity to get an early glimpse of what may be the next web search superstar.

FREE if register online. $10 at the door.
Registration: http://nextpussycat.eventbrite.com

Who Should Attend?
Product Managers
User Experience Directors
User Interface Engineers
Information Architects
Interactive Engineers
Web Application Developers
Web Designers

What You Will Learn?
Successful factors of popular well-designed vertical search engines
Mistakes of search engines in the past
Product design such as User interface, Information Architecture
How our experts design the search patterns on vertical product search engines

Date & Time: 5/30/2007 Wed 6:30pm-9:30pm
Location: Hurricane Electric "The Matrix" Building
48233 Warm Spring Blvd, Fremont California 94539
Registration: http://nextpussycat.eventbrite.com

Search For The Next PussyCat Engine: Meow! Too Sexy For My UI
Theme Song: I'm Too Sexy For You

Moderator & Presenter:
Bryan Zmijewski, Chief Instigator at LuckyOliver & Design Lecturer at Stanford University

Discussion Panelists:
Hongche Liu, Chief Information Architect at Spock Networks
Ash Damle, CEO at MEDgle
Peter Weck, CTO at SimplyHired
Burak Gokturk, CTO at Riya

6:30pm-7:30pm Networking, Food & Drink
7:30pm-9:00pm Discussion Panel
9:00pm-9:45pm LuckyOliver Demo & Design Conceptualization on Ideation
9:45pm Giveaways Sponsored by O'Reilly

About Us
Silicon Valley Web Builder (SVWB) is a web organization delicated to providing web builders with useful and informative resources. We promote technological innovations and address technical challenges facing the web community.

Official Website: http://www.svwebbuilder.com

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Spock is the winner of Lauching Pad at Web2.0 Conference. Spock is the Web 2.0 people search engine. People search is the 3rd top searches in search engines. Spock makes searches so much more accurate, fun and the most killing part is, addictive. It is still in beta but many A-List Bloggers and Web Celebrities give them "thumb up".


Goodies! Attendee will receive tokens from LuckyOliver to exchange for professional royalty-free photo stock. Must attend to receive offers.


FREE if register online. $10 at the door.


Bryan Zmijewski, Chief Instigator at LuckyOliver & Design Lecturer at Stanford University will be showing highlights of his lecture from his class at Stanford.




MEDgle http://www.medgle.com is releasing the espanol, spanish version.


According to Websitemagazine.com, website popularity and keyword relevancy etc help determine rankings, works well for consumer search. While accustomed to instant success with consumer researches in general search engines like Yahoo and Google, professionals are getting frustrated looking up business information.


According to Convera study, most profesisonals can't find what they need:
17% give up before 5 min
42% continue searching for up to 15 min
24% continue searching for up to 30min
17% continue searching for more than 30 min

This represnts a significant opportunity for vertical search engines (VSEs) in specific markets.


Convera also report the following and refer this to general search engines:
11% always find what they are looking for on the first attempt
43% always find what they are looking for after several attempt
21% feel their query is always understood


In other words, it indicates the following:
88% can't find what they are looking for on the first attempt
57% can't find what they are looking for after several attempt
79% feel their query is misunderstood

Again it indicates the potential market demands for VSEs on specific markets.


Meow! Meow!

Based on my observation from the past, the probability of clicking the event link is highly correlated to the no. of comments added to the event. Therefore, I would continue to add more comments even it is just "Meow Meow"!


Based on the above figures, it is fair to say that in designing the search engine, one should consider the rough rule.

In designing website, one rough rule is user will click away if it takes 7 seconds longer to load the page.

In designing search engine, one rough rule is user will quickly determine the quality of search experience mostly on the first 15 min. Users expect to query search several attempts. Predicting search will be critical in refining the search quality in the first few attempts.


We are so lucky to have Bryan Zmijewski giving us a crash course on "Design Conceptualization on Ideation", his class he taught at Stanford University.

Many of us wouldn't have the time or effort to take a full length course at Stanford. We'll get to learn the most important concept in designing product from idea stage. Thank you so much Bryan!


LuckyOliver offers very affordable photo stock and illustrator for professional designers.

We are working on bringing more resources for designers and creative professionals in the upcoming months.


Good graphics.


I like to clarify our membership. If you are a web professional or working in the internet industry, you are qualified to be a member. You can sign up to be a member at http://websigmember.eventbrite.com/.

If you are interested to become a volunteer, you can select the volunteer ticket.

You don't have to sign up as guest and member on our event registration. If you are qualified to be a member, sign up as member. Register the event as member instead of guest.

For those who want to be a member, attend at least 4 meetings with registration per year. We will approve your status once you meet your qualification.


Did I mention any fee? You don't have to pay any fee to be a member.

We value professionals to actively participate our meetings rather than blinding interests with dollar bills.


Why become a member?

We are actively working on membership benefits behind the scene. We can't reveal the plans to public at this time. There would be many benefits designed for members only.


Bryan would be very happy to show us how to transfer idea into drawing board for product design. He is actively giving professional consulting to many high profile startups including Photobucket.

Any startup attending will benefit from his experience. He wouldn't mind to give a longer presentation. He may even show us how he use the same Design Conceptualization to get his startup LuckyOliver started.

It is a very valuable experience for founders and those are building your startups in alpha and beta.


What is the relationship between "PussyCat Doll" and the song "I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt"?

It references to the "PussyCat" at the end of the song.


Why do we pick a certain look on the male version of our flyer?

The male model on our flyer have the same look and style like the one in the music video.


MEDgle presented at HealthCamp2.0 and selected as winner among healthcare startups.


We have over 90 registrations. I thought I should leave a note here because Adobe will be checking out our progress. We love Adobe!