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Unless there is a goal for the site, there is no sense measuring anything.

* 70% of website owners and managers do not track anything beside 'hits' to their website.
* Most website managers want to track, but aren't sure what or how.

Analytics are a gold mine of information, just waiting to be uncovered. The results of your campaigns, effectiveness of the website, and the efficiency of your rankings can all be measured with a good analytics program.

Unfortunately, many site managers do not make changes to the website without prior measurement, nor do they measure after the changes. As a result, there are many changes to sites that are not based on facts, merely assumptions. Similarly, if changes are not analyzed, then there can be no clear understanding of whether or not improvements made a difference on the site or to the bottom line.

This workshop is for anyone who is responsible for a website or for reporting on website activity, success or failure. Site owners, marketers, managers and SEO firms wishing to add analytics to their services will all benefit from this instruction.

Rather than simply getting a checklist of "How-To's", you will learn the "Why?" Understanding the "Why" will enable you to ask the right questions in order to get the right answers in your analytics program.

Practical lessons include:

* Understanding the differences and common points among web analytics programs
* Establishing common terminology
* Establish Key Performance Indicators for your website
* Establish a regular reporting program
* Learn segmentation techniques for users, campaigns and keywords
* Establishing primary and secondary conversion rates and for your website
* How to measure and report the important factors
* How to report website success 'up the ladder.'

Official Website: http://www.searchenginestrategies.com/newyork/training.html#analytics

Added by SES on February 7, 2008