6712 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90028

Friday, June 8 – 7:30 PM
Sean Connery Double Feature: 50th Anniversary! DR. NO, 1962, MGM/Park Circus, 111 min. Dir. Terence Young. Now almost taken for granted, this initial adaptation of Ian Fleming’s spy novels was in its day a subversive breath of fresh air, depicting for the first time a secret agent who was an unapologetically suave, promiscuous - not to mention homicidal - hero. Sean Connery proved amazingly popular as the ultimate sexy beast, James Bond, ushering in the entire 1960s spy film craze. One of the best of the Bond films, with its Caribbean locale, Ursula Andress’ sensual presence and Joseph Wiseman’s malevolent, metal-handed arch-villain. [35mm]
FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, 1963, MGM/Park Circus, 118 min. Dir. Terence Young. Sean Connery’s second 007 outing more than lives up to expectations, with Bond scouring exotic Istanbul for an elusive Lektor decoding machine. He’s helped by sly Pedro Armendariz and seductive Russian spy Daniella Bianchi, and hunted by Aryan super-killer Robert Shaw and sinister, butch Lotte Lenya as stiletto-toed Rosa Kleb. The nerve-shredding fistfight between Connery and Shaw aboard the Orient Express is one of the all-time greatest ever committed to pre-1970s celluloid and is not to be missed. Book signing of Bill Desowitz’ James Bond Unmasked at 6:30 PM in the Egyptian lobby. [35mm]

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