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Collaborative Procedure Management for Offshoring, Compliance and Disaster Recovery

Speaker: Daniel Weller, Ambient Software

Procedures (including runbooks, checklists, best practices, etc.) are a key component of many projects. They are also a critical form of information required for a company to operate and are, literally, "the way we do things".

Unfortunately, the creation of procedures is often just an adjunct of documentation or training. Procedures are then stuffed into document or knowledge management system and that's where they sit and "get dusty" -- just like pages in an old binder. Employees rarely reference them and (when they do) they find they are inaccurate or out-of-date.

Within your organization:
How do you organize your procedures today?
How do you ensure that your employees are always using the latest version of a procedure?
How do you track when procedures are used and PROVE that they were followed?
How do you capture feedback whenever a procedure is used to make sure it is always up-to-date?

The usual answer to these questions is "We don't!" As a result, over 50% of operational exceptions and many compliance issues are caused by procedures being followed incorrectly, being out of date, or being incorrect in the first place. Needless to say, ineffective procedure management leads to mistakes and dramatically increases support and training costs.

This presentation will retrace the speaker's real-world experiences which led to the founding of Ambient Software and the creation of the Pathworks" product. The characteristics of procedure management will be reviewed and used to distinguish it from both process and policy management. The speaker will demonstrate how collaborative procedure management can provide core value to those struggling with today's hot projects in Off-shoring, Compliance and Disaster Recovery.
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