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The Role of the Services-Oriented Client in a True User-Centric Business Application

Problem Statement
In traditional Rich Internet Applications, the term "Rich" applies mostly to the expressiveness of the user interface, and not much to the way the data flows between the tiers of the application. You are still dealing with a client pull model. In many cases, this model can negatively impact the quality of the overall experience because the fluidity of the user interface is constrained by the fluidity and the availability of data.

One problem is that the browser is not good at listening for events initiated by server processes or by other clients: the browser lacks support for messaging. In this session, we will demonstrate an architecture that extends existing Enterprise messaging solutions (such as JMS) to enable publish/subscribe messaging in Rich Internet Applications.

Another hurdle in traditional Rich Internet Applications is that the persistence process between the client-tier and the middle-tier is tedious and error prone. This session will explore how a Data Oriented approach built on top of SOA can be used to automate the synchronization process between the client-tier and the middle-tier.

Solution Overview:
This session will provide a glimpse into the future of the web, and demonstrates "Data-Rich" Internet Applications; applications that are not only rich in terms of the user interface, but also in terms of how the data flows between tiers.

Learn how to leverage your service oriented architecture to extend your infrastructure and deliver Rich Internet Applications within the enterprise or across the web. This next generation of applications takes advantage of a service oriented client to deliver the richness and responsiveness of client/server, the cross-platform reach of the browser, and the transformative properties of SOA.

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