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What makes investors invest when it comes to the team? Who are "must have" players to raise money and to run the company from formation to the one year anniversary?

Building a team of founders and engineers is a hard thing to do - the initial founder/founders must sell the vision to the critical team members and get their commitment when there is nothing there but a dream. Come listen to serial entrepreneurs, investors and long-time headhunters and advisors as they cover their perspective on successful team building during the first 12 months from "idea" to "company" Topics to be covered include:

-Who are the critical "first 12 month" team members now for your ventures?
-What do investors and VCs believe are the crucial team members - what is a show stopper?
-What are the developing norms for equity participation by different team members?
-How do you work with headhunters? Are there any that work for "equity" as well - so the company conserves cash?
-How do VCs and investors help in the team building area?
-How do you find the right team members and due diligence those team members?

Official Website: http://www.sdforum.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=Calendar.eventDetail&eventID=13764

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