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LinkedIn Search is built on a distributed realtime indexing system, with strong business requirements on SLAs for both search latency as well as how soon a newly updated document is to appear in the search results. Furthermore, with LinkedIn's rich structured information, guided navigation, or faceted search is an important functionality for enhanced user search experience. Combining faceted search and realtime search while maintaining SLA poses challenges in result and indexing cache. We will also discuss other novel solutions for problems such as: section search, e.g. zoning; balanced segment merge for incremental updating indexes; query segmentation and classificaiton etc.

SPEAKERS: John Wang is the Seach Architect behind LinkedIn's search infrastructure and is primarily focusing on realtime distributed faceted search. John is a frequent contributor to the open source community, e.g. Lucene, Solr etc. Previously, John has led development backing both internet and enterprise search systems at Yahoo!, SimplyHired, Verity/Autonomy etc. John's LinkedIn profile can be reached at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/javasoze.

Yasuhiro Matsuda, Principal Software Engineer at LinkedIn, is working on LinkedIn search engine core built on top of Lucene. It includes advanced features such as real time search and indexing, faceted search, and distributed search. Previously he worked for Oracle and lead the development of text search index and XML index within Oracle Database kernel.

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