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Articulate UML Modeling: Examples of Solving Problems and Getting Real Work done with UML, Presented by Leon Starr

Is modeling worthwhile? Without clear analysis goals and semantics, inexperienced modelers draw from common programming paradigms and objectives. The result is an accumulation of "high level" UML models built at roughly the same level of abstraction as the target code, minus the interesting details. As we all know, "high level" is double speak for "can't solve the problem now".

But if the models aren't solving the hard problems, why bother?

Articulate modeling establishes a set of analysis goals orthogonal to programming considerations. The analysis models should capture essential requirements unambiguously and in great detail without telling the programmer how to write his or her code. These principles will be explored in a series of model examples taken from a variety of real-time applications including air traffic control, network protocols and equipment control.

Leon Starr has been developing real-time and embedded software with object oriented, executable models since 1984.

Free to members, $15.00 for non-members.

Official Website: http://www.sdforum.org/SAMSIG

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