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Paratrooper Marketing is different. It helps you establish healthy business relationships with ALL of your prospective customers - whether they buy from you in this quarter, or some other quarter - or both. And for companies that are in their infancy, Paratrooper Marketing plays an even bigger role. A Harvard study tells us that in a growing company, only one factor is relevant in a customer satisfaction survey. That one thing folds neatly into Paratrooper Marketing.

This workshop will outline and provide examples of how Paratrooper Marketing works, as well as why it works. If you can execute it well, the early adopters will become customers - and the remainder of your prospects will be ready to become customers in due time.

But in cases where an ongoing business relationship is important if not critical to your business, and especially so in cases where you are trying to generate your first set of set of customers, the cold call will outright damage your relationship with the majority of prospective customers before you are even aware of it.

Ed Mance has 20+ years of experience in rapid growth consumer Internet and B2B software companies in the US, Canada and Europe. He has extensive sales, marketing, business development, strategic development and operating experience. Most recently, Ed was a co-founder of Krillion, Inc. - an innovative, actionable local search site that helps consumers locate and price major product brands and models sold by top retailers near them. The company was funded by Hummer Winblad in May of 2006. Ed continues to be an advisor to both Krillion and Equation Research.

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