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Topic: A major sea change is occurring in the development and deployment of software

Developing the best technology is no longer enough to differentiate your company from the others. At Software 2007, Executives from the largest companies agreed that the playing field has officially changed. And, that they need to do more to understand the "Business Users" and build the Ecosystems to serve them.

According to Chris Dowse, CEO of NeoChange, "there is an estimated 15% effective usage of enterprise software." Business people are the new decision makers and their organizations have the funding for projects strategic to the success of the business. They are driving technology investments today. These "Business Users" are motivated by solutions to their business problems, not by the technology. And, they are placing increasing pressure on IT to provide solutions to their business needs. The good news is now that the infrastructure is in place, there are more opportunities than ever before.

What does this mean to the software marketer? Who are the customers of today and what do they want? What do you develop and to whom do you sell it?

Anil Saboo is Director Platform Products with Oracle Corporation. At Oracle, he leads a team of product marketing and business development managers.

Roberta Moore is CEO of QM Corp. She specializes in best practices to increase adoption of new technologies.

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