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Where does/should strategy live in your company?

Synopsis: Technology companies tend to break strategy into functional pieces: the CTO is responsible for a technology strategy, Marketing has a lead generation strategy and a customer/segmentation strategy, product managers each have a product strategy, Sales drives a channel/partner strategy. Often there's a disconnect between these groups and their various strategies. This is even more frequent among software companies deploying agile development practices, since Engineering often sets up its own customer showcases and gathers some product requirements.

So what are the necessary elements to a company/business unit strategy, and who should participate? Some companies create strategy departments, which risk losing touch with product groups. Others form ad hoc teams pulled from various functions. Rich will talk through some of the ingredients for good strategy, how to mix them together, and some organizational models for making it all work.

Rich Mironov is a software product strategist, thought leader in agile product management, and veteran of four high-tech startups. He consults and writes extensively about product management and the realities of technology companies.

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