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First Half:

Overview of POJO development with Spring and Hibernate
The concept of a POJO is remarkably simple: it's a Java object that does not implement any special interfaces such as those defined by the EJB framework. But, despite the simplicity of the idea, POJOs have some tremendous benefits. They decouple your application from volatile infrastructure frameworks and they simplify and accelerate development. This talk gives an overview of POJOs development along with the Spring framework, which makes POJOs transactional, and Hibernate, which makes them persistent.

Chris Richardson www.chrisrichardson.net
Chris Richardson is a developer, architect and mentor with over 20 years of experience and is the author of the forthcoming book "POJOs in Action." He runs a consulting company that helps development teams become more productive and successful by adopting POJOs and lightweight frameworks. Chris has been a technical leader at a variety of companies including Insignia Solutions and BEA Systems. Chris holds an MA & BA in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge in England.

Second Half:

Injecting Enterprise-class Clustering Services into Applications Transparently at Runtime
As managed runtimes have evolved over the last decade, developers have become accustomed to trusting the VM to do things automatically that previously required substantial developer involvement, such as memory management/garbage collection, or platform-specific code generation/optimization. The current Java model only goes so far - it is missing facilities to manage other services that similarly can and should be managed automatically at runtime.

Clustering and caching are two such examples of enterprise quality of services that are candidates for similar treatment. This talk will describe how to transparently cluster several JVMs and allow them to appear and act as one JVM. Several code samples and demos will illustrate clustering transparently at runtime.

Patrick Calahan, TerracottaCorporation terracottatech.com
Patrick Calahan is Product Manager at Terracotta. He has been building serverside Java infrastructure since 1997. He was part of the original WebLogic Server development team where he contributed to the first generation of its RMI-based clustering technology. Later, he designed and led the effort to build WLS' first web-based administration console and was also the Program Manager for BEA's XML and Web Services group.

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