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The key challenges of building web-enabled mobile apps are the user experience and the ability to scale-out to millions of users. The term "carrier grade" is often used to refer to software that can scale and respond quickly in the mobile environment. Typically, this involves building software that employs smart caching and a server setup that enables processing to be distributed to many nodes. This problem is not unique to the mobile web. In a recent blog about Facebook apps, Tim O'Reilly highlighted that only a handful of widgets can support millions of users. The widget usages form a long-tailed graph. He suggested that a lack of high availability and scalability are the main reasons so many widgets fall on the long tail. Are we going to see the same long-tail graph with iPhone apps? Mo'Blast has built such a software stack using ehcache and EJB 3.0. This talk will explore what Mo'Blast has done, why it made the choices it did, and what the challenges are in carrying out this type of development.

Kevin Leong is an entreprenuer and adjunct professor in software engineering at San Jose State University (SJSU). He is the founder and CEO of Mo'Blast and RadarAD where he and his team of engineers have developed a cloud computing platform and a common mobile client layer that enables the creation of location-based and mobile apps quickly and efficiently. Prior to founding Mo'Blast, Kevin was involved with another mobile start up, Proxinet, and held various technical leadership positions at IBM.

At the university and within his engineering team, Kevin has been pioneering deep and innovative thinking on location based services, mobile social networking, carrier-grade web and cloud computing platforms.

Kevin’s recent speaking appearances have included JavaOne, Ars Electronica, (Lintz), Mobile Web Megatrends at UC Berkeley, and the Symbian S60 summit (Barcelona). Kevin has an MBA from Haas, UC Berkeley and a technical degree from the University of Texas.

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